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Yoga & Posture Workshop October 21st with Karakrista

By Vivianne Barry | In PAST EVENTS

A life-enhancing masterclass – Annamaya Kosha

Join physiotherapist, body worker and yoga teacher Karakrista for this life-enhancing, youthfulness-promoting Masterclass taking you on both a physical and spiritual journey.

Kara will target the key areas where imbalance occurs and leave you marinating in each pose or stretch, fully supported as needed with bolsters, blankets and blocks, to give you a healthy taste of inner transformation.  You’ll emerge noticing, perhaps for the first time, how it really feels to be more centred, aligned, balanced and deeply relaxed.

Postural Alignment as a means of alleviating pain, enhancing physical function, creating greater vitality and developing spirituality has long been a passion of mine.

You will be guided through a slow Yin Yoga-style class, based on Kara’s extensive observation and treatment of clients and yoga students for over 2 decades.

Class numbers will be limited to 12 people, so individual attention can be given and individual needs addressed. By the end of the class you’ll emerge with your own specific program to continue, including daily awareness practices, daily stretching and strengthening poses and Yin yoga poses.

Cost: $65 

Time: 2.00-5.00pm

When: Saturday October 21st 2017

Where: Yoga Circle, 8 Thomas Street, Noosaville

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“What a wonderful course. Loved the practical and feel equipped to be able to apply this to my [yoga] practice. I already feel the benefits.” Hazel
“Loved it all! Mind to muscle engagement was beautifully explained. I felt a definite shift in my alignment.” Michelle

You’ll learn how to care for your body to promote healing, maintain or increase your mobility and strength and relax more fully and deeply.  Practising good posture throughout the years has the potential to bring you greater vitality and overall health as you age and of course if you’re a yogi, it’ll enhance your practice through the decades.

Research has shown that good posture helps to:

  • Increase your energy and self-esteem;
  • Make you look younger;
  • Decrease the incidence and severity of back pain;
  • Improve your digestion
  • Increase your connection to the needs and emotions of others, making you less selfish!

 This workshop is for you it you have or have ever experienced any of these conditions:

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Spinal disc injuries
  • Thoracic pain or rib subluxations
  • Spinal joint strains
  • Sacroiliac pain or instability
  • Hip bursitis
  • Knee arthritis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Chronic muscular strains, or
  • If you know you have bad posture and would like to change that before you get any of the above!

Practicing good posture helps you to AVOID injury through the greater Self-Awareness you develop. When you’re more aware of yourself you deepen your sensory receptivity.

This is a powerful skill, to be more receptive to the sensations and feelings in your body as it enables you to detect the build up of tension and signs of disease, BEFORE they become problematical.

Join Karakrista to learn this simple yet profoundly life-enhancing practice and attitude of healthy self-love, to give yourself the attention you deserve.

Remember numbers are limited to 12 people so book now and reserve your place.

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“Excellent! I’d love a recording of the [mantra]. So much great knowledge. My jewel from the day is the understanding of the role of different muscle groups.” Erin



Being an Olympic Gymnast in her teenage years and competing in National competitions, Karakrista enjoyed the great flexibility and strength that comes with this sport. However by her 30’s having turned to running and triathlon, she became aware that her spinal curves were becoming more exaggerated with her lower back swayed and her upper back collapsed. This observation combined with treating clients in her Physiotherapy clinical practice in Melbourne resulted in her ‘waking up’ to the importance of core stability and correcting poor postural habits.

Fast forward 20 years and no-one would ever say that Karakrista has bad posture! On the contrary she receives regular compliments about her posture.

“I’ve transformed my posture to such a degree that my spine is now upright and my body muscle memory knows how to hold me without any conscious awareness. In other words, my body holds me naturally with good alignment feeling easy and light.”

Karakrista knows the process of inner transformation intimately and loves to share this powerfully, transformative awareness and practice with others.

p.s. It’s not about holding your stomach in!


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